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Patchwork ProgressTransmitting Healing Power Of Nature In Every Piece

Our Story

Patchwork Progress is a fair-trade company run by its owner and founder, Callan Schanz. It's an inspired idea that aims to create sustainable and ethical income through collaborative efforts with friends, family, tribes, and villages around the world who walk in a sacred way. 

In 2014, Callan embarked on a journey to Peru to study indigenous Shipibo medicine, which marked the beginning of his travels around the country. He learned from shamans in the Amazon basin and forged meaningful connections with local artists and artisans who have since become dear friends. Notable individuals like Ruben Escobar, Edith Valasquez, and mama Maria Martinez Sanchez taught Callan valuable skills and insights.

Patchwork Progress was born to honor the workmanship of these artists, importing various artisanal products like tapestries, hats, gloves, precious stones, and leathers with each trip. Today, the items you see on our platform are made by Callan (leather goods) and the Velasquez and Sanchez families. They are meticulously hand-dyed and crafted in wool or alpaca, using organic dyes. Each design is unique and inspired by indigenous Peruvian motifs, especially from the Shipibo Tribe.


Our Mission

Our mission is to respect and celebrate indigenous artists, their communities, and cultural heritage while preserving traditional medicines and rituals. We are deeply committed to nurturing the talents of these artisans.

We take pride in exclusively practicing fair trade, ensuring the well-being of tribal communities. Our artists are rooted in their indigenous heritage, possessing a unique connection with the natural world and the spirits that inhabit it. This connection is beautifully reflected in their art, inspired by rainforest spirits and translating sung prayers into intricate visual patterns.

What sets us apart 

What sets us apart is the deep connection and bond we share with these artists, a testament to our founder Callan's dedication to nurturing their talents. Our gallery serves as a global marketplace, uniting individuals who contribute to a community of energy aimed at transformative change.

Each item we offer has a story, and every stitch carries the energy and intention of love and prayers woven into them, making every piece sacred. There is passion, joy, sometimes pain and hard days, many jokes, and a spirit to create and inspire.
​Patchwork Progress is more than a store; it's a sanctuary of sacred items dedicated to the ancient mission of healing through the sacred medicine of the Amazon rainforest

Ethically Sourced

Indigenous Community





From the Heart of Peru to You!

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